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Peach Picking
Peaches Picking temporary closed until next variety is ripe. Check back here for updates. We estimate it will be roughly 10 days for 7/17.

Walking to orchard, no driving it is roughly 2.5 football field distance.
A minimum of 1/2 peck per adult is required per adult.

*Times dependent on weather and supply.  Call 724-941-1490 for availability. minimum required per adult

Walking is required to get to the orchards.  No outside bags or purses are permitted in the orchard or may be used for picking.  All extra peaches picked require payment. Minimum charge of 1/2 peck ($9.50) per adult required to enter the orchard.

U-Pick Pricing
1/2 Peck         $10.00
1 Peck          $19.00
1/2 Bushel    $34.50
1 Bushel       $65.00

1/2 Peck = Approximately 12-15 average size peaches
1 Peck = Approximately 24-30 average size peaches
1/2 Bushel = Approximately 48 - 60 average size peaches
1 Bushel = Approximately 90-120 average size peaches