Fishing Procedures
Fishing is 9am-5pm, anyone fishing must check in at market day of and follow 
ALL procedures below.
All fishing is at your own risk. Fishing is no long permitted at pond near the activity area. 
Come to the farm market to fill out permit.
  • Bring your completed permit into the market the day you want to fish
    • Your permit will be filed and is good for the year
  • A Parking Pass for fishing is required each time you fish
    • Once you have completed the fishing permit, you can obtain a parking pass for the day you want to fish
    • Check into the market (prior to closing time) and pick up your parking pass
    • Display the parking pass in the front window of your car
  • Parking is permitted at the market, storage barn or equipment barn
    • Market employees will explain these locations, if necessary
  • Fishing closes at 5pm
  • Return your fishing parking pass to the crate located on the market porch, marked Fishing Pass
  • Anyone under 18 must have an adult, no alcohol permitted.
    • If fishing passes are not returned, fishing privileges will be suspended
As a reminder, a parking pass is required to be displayed in your car each time you fish.  Thanks!