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Weddings/Events @ The Farm
The farm location offers a wide variety of options for your special day!  We can give you that unique experience that you have been dreaming of.  Our farm has a beautiful event space that we call our greenhouse, which can be transformed into a day that you will never forget.  Our field space overlooks fields of farming and a scenic pond.  It is a special spot,and great for ceremonies or cocktail hour.  We also grow our own fresh cut flowers!  Our florist will work with you on everything from your bridal bouquet to centerpieces.
Simmons Farm is nestled in the South hills of Pittsburgh and is conveniently located.  We have been a family owned business for over 80 years.  Simmons has been providing local, fresh produce for as long as we have been established!  We strive at every endeavor to be the best in the area.  Our wedding/event services will be no exception.  The first wedding we did was three years ago and we haven't looked back!  We try and add new ideas every year that will surely make your day the best that it can be.  If you are interested in having your wedding or your next event with us, please contact us!  Call the farm market at (724)941-1490 or e-mail us at and address your request to Megan Simmons.  Our promise is to make your event stress free and memorable!