A Local Farmer Growing For You

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We grow our plants right here on the farm. We are able to grow our plants extra large because we don't have to ship them. Most big box stores buy there flowers from our of state which requires shipping, and also requires growth regulators. We don't use growth regulators so 
our plants will keep growing once you get it home!

Every year we try to select new varieties and colors to help beatify your garden. Here are some examples of what is coming new this year. Also if you have any suggestions we are always open to new ideas! Don't forget to come early in the season if you see a color you like.
Below are a few new Hawaiian series baskets. These are very colorful million bell combinations that love the sun and bloom all summer. They can be treated a lot like petunia baskets, very little maintenance and a lot of color!
These are a few new Confetti Garden mixes. These also like sun and will bloom all summer. Don't worry we also carry the same colors we had last season these are just some additions. Ask one of our greenhouse attendants to show you our large selection.
Early Tray and Basket Growth
Early Hanging Basket growth
Early Pot and Basket Growth