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Pick-Ur-Own Apples
Peach Picking

No driving to orchards--walking is required (roughly the length of 2.5 football fields).  Outside bags or purses are not permitted in orchard. 
A minimum of 1/4 peck per adult is required per adult to enter the orchard.  Extra peaches picked require payment in the market. All picking crops are unwashed and should be before eating. 

*Must check in 1/2 hour prior to orchard closing time.  Times dependent on weather and supply.  We recommend you call (724-941-1490) before coming.   

U-Pick Pricing
1/4 peck (minimum per adult $8.00
1/2 Peck       $
1 Peck          $
1/2 Bushel    $
1 Bushel       $

1/2 Peck = Approximately 12-15 average size peaches
1 Peck = Approximately 24-30 average size peaches
1/2 Bushel = Approximately 48 - 60 average size peaches
1 Bushel = Approximately 90-120 average size peaches